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forged craft knives

Never too sharp

As sharp as it is beautiful! Forged in Croatia.

find out how the sharpest knives are made

Watch my short video and find out how I make knives as sharp as they are beautiful.

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Most popular Knives

Getting metal to bend to one’s will is no easy feat.

Gyuto 210


Japanese multi-layered steel, stabilized beech handle.

Santoku 160


52100 carbon steel,handle-olive/bog oak,mdf saya/stand

My story

There was always special bond beetween me and metals. I started with iron skelet of a horse in its natural size as an academic assignment and went in to jewellery making in silver and gold. The latest and for the moment the biggest joy of mine is forging knives. Making steel hot enough so he can accept my idea is special experience. I feel like forging is my true passion and everything I did was just a step that led me into making knives.

Photo shooting

The picture speaks a thousand words.

How to find me

You can find Shaato near to the Mirogoj cemetery in upper town, check the address bellow and contact me in advance as Im not whole day available in the forge house 🙂

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