My Story

Silvio Hrnčir, Shaato founder and owner.

Every knife needs complete focus in every step of the proccess and thats why I make just one knife at the time.
The Story Begins

I started by making a katana, and then I came across Karlo Ban. He was delighted with my work on the katana, but he advised me to start making kitchen knives.



I made the first knife from an old file, and I still have it! I numbered the first few knives, so I continued that practise to keep track of how many I have made so far and where they are. Every knife is getting better and better.

Who am i?

Behind Shaato brand and knife forging there is me, Silvio Hrnčir, academic sculptor, father and a husband.  Born in Zagreb in 1982. In 2001 I graduated from The School of Applied Arts and Design ( škola Primjenjene umjetnosti i dizajna) , the department of sculpture. In 2008 I was a graduate in professor Miro Vuco’s class on the Academy of Fine Arts (ALU) in Zagreb. Through my whole life there was a piece of art I left behind. The latest passion is forging knives. In the last 20 years, I worked with many different materials like stone, wood, precious metals and making different objects like car parts, lamps, furniture, sculptures and jewellery. Turning steal into a beautiful everyday tool like a knife at the moment is something really special to me.

You can cook, if you need to, with a fire and a few ingredients. You can make things simple with a pot or two. But cooking changes the day you choose a decent knife.

Forging knifes and bangles from the same material


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